Metolius Hemp’s 'Reduce Or Replace Tobacco' Initiative: A Healthier Hit

With our nation on the heels of a proposed menthol cigarette ban, various companies are facilitating a shift to tobacco alternatives. One company taking the lead in this effort aims to help consumers reduce or replace nicotine use with their premium line of CBD + CBG (collectively dubbed CBX) products that fill a niche gap in the hemp market. 

Born and raised, farmed and handcrafted in Bend, Oregon, Metolius Hemp is a vertically-integrated hemp company that organically and regeneratively farms CBD & CBG (cannabigerol) hemp to produce a premium quality line of products that include pre-rolls, cannagars (hemp cigars), moon rocks (enhanced flower), a line of topicals and most recently launched CBD lip pouches.

Metolius is disrupting the CBD game. In addition to operating organically and sustainably, they enhance all of their smokable hemp products with their “Metolius Magic” blend: CBD distillate, CBD isolate & CBG kief. The pre-rolls, cannagars and moon rocks are all perfectly coated in distillate, isolate & kief to provide full-spectrum cannabinoid benefits, as well as enhance the flavor profile, efficacy and potency of each product.

What’s even more unique about Metolius Hemp’s position in the non-psychoactive cannabis market is their coined 'Reduce Or Replace Tobacco' Movement. This small Oregon startup set out on a mission to help tobacco users ‘Reduce Or Replace Tobacco’™ consumption entirely by utilizing CBD & CBG hemp flower and its medicinal by-products. Metolius is aiming to prove that the medicinal properties of cannabis could help curb the cravings of nicotine, replacing those needs for stress relief & pain with premium hemp. The brand is incentivizing tobacco consumers to transition to hemp with their subscription-based model, offering discounted rates with their monthly ‘Cannaclubs’ – up to 70% retail pricing when one signs up for a monthly delivery.

Metolius Hemp created the market’s first CBD & CBG enhanced pre-rolls, called River Rolls. Their next product was also first to market, the Metolius River Log: a premium enhanced CBD & CBG flower cannagar – a completely non-tobacco based cannabis cigar rolled in an organic palm leaf. All of their pre-rolled smokables are enhanced with the proprietary blend of distillate, isolate & kief, which lends itself to a rather high cannabinoid content in every pre-roll or cannagar. Their 5 gram cannagars pack a whopping 750mg, making them the perfect party favor or a series of dosages for individual use, as they can be cut at the end after each use and kept fresh for the next. Metolius River Rolls serve as the perfect cigarette alternative, while the River Logs (Cannagars) are ideal for cigar smokers. For those that prefer to roll their own or utilize a vape, Metolius created River Rocks: CBG flower enhanced with CBD isolate, which make a great alternative to those who consume hand-rolled cigarettes or pipe tobacco.

The latest product added to the Metolius River Line was created to provide the ultimate chewing tobacco or “dip” alternative: River Dips. These are CBD isolate + magnesium lip pouches, which can simply be ‘Placed In Your Lip Or Whatever You Sip’™. The pouches contain 100mg CBD isolate and 11.6mg of magnesium, the latter of which studies have shown that up to 80% of men and 70% of women in the U.S. are deficient. 

Metolius Hemp Company launched their brand inspired by the beautiful outdoors surrounding the Metolius River, the company’s home in Central Oregon. A team of seasoned startup founders launched Metolius to inspire consumers to utilize hemp in supporting a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle to ultimately ‘Reduce Or Replace Tobacco’™ for all. Testimonials of the brand include rave reviews of their product line, as customers and Cannaclub members speak highly of the product’s quality, consistency and effects. Users have shared experiences of clear-headed relaxation, major pain relief, reduced stress, improved sleep, decreased or alleviated tobacco cravings, and an elated sense of calm. 
To check out Metolius’ full line of organic premium hemp products, head to the Metolius shop online and follow along on their journey in growing the 'Reduce Or Replace Tobacco' movement & medicinal hempmovements via social media @MetoliusHemp.

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