It all began in 1969, when our grandfather and grandmother purchased 3.2 acres of land on the banks of the Metolius River in Central Oregon.  The river derives its name from the Native Americans who lived on this land and it means 'Stinky River' as the Kokanee spawn here and then pass on in the river.    

This for us, growing up, was the one place on earth where we went to truly be in nature, to reconnect with family and friends, to play and to be in balance.  It is still that place today for our team, our families and our friends and we wanted to bring that experience to you through our company, Metolius Hemp Company.

Our home is in Bend Oregon, which is very near to the renowned Metolius River, and this is both where we farm, harvest, craft and from where we deliver all of the Metolius River Lines to you and yours.

This is where we have built and will continue to build Metolius Hemp Company and from where we will work tirelessly to fulfill our Vision of 'Reducing and Replacing' Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Caffeine and Tobacco (P.A.C.T.) for the masses utilizing the amazing potential of the plant.

So, we want to say thank you for your support from us at Team Metolius.  We really appreciate your patronage and for the community we are collectively building.  We can change the game together.

Rion, John, Dave, Donnie, Quin, Robert, Caden, Jesse, Michael, Margaret, Ale, Isaac, Carson, Angie