'Reduce Or Replace' - Tobacco Users Move To Hemp

A recent study performed by global consumer & retail research foundation, The Nielsen Company, showed that tobacco consumers are more likely to convert to smokable hemp within the next year. According to the report published by Hemp Industry Daily, nearly 30% of cigarette and cigar smokers say they are willing to try smokable hemp products.

They also found that nearly 1 in 4 of these tobacco users claim to have already consumed smokable or vaporable hemp CBD in the past year. This compares to less than 18% of the aggregate US public who have consumed hemp-CBD products in the past year. Additionally, 10% of tobacco smokers said they smoked hemp CBD pre-rolls or flower within the past month.

Remarkably, compared to the overall US Adult Population, cigarette and cigar users are 191% more likely to have consumed hemp pre-rolls, and 155% more likely to have consumed hemp CBD flower in the past month. Moving forward, Nielsen collected data showing that current cigarette and cigar smokers are 195% more likely to smoke CBD pre-rolls within the next year, compared to non-smokers. Essentially, market trends show that smokable Hemp CBD products are most popular amongst current tobacco users.

Many are already making the transition from tobacco to hemp, while either reducing their consumption or replacing it altogether. For some, Hemp Pre-rolls and/or flower are proving an effective measure for curbing their addiction or dependence upon tobacco products. Several other recent studies have shown many tobacco smokers turning to hemp as an alternative while kicking their addiction to smoking tobacco completely. A significant number of consumers are also seeking hemp as a healthier alternative, seeing the value in what many consider to be a highly medicinal plant.

The immensely popular CBD (Cannabidiol), a Cannabinoid touted for its remarkable health benefits associated with pain relief, relaxation, and reducing inflammation can be found in the majority of hemp pre-roll & flower products. Rapidly emerging research around another non-psychoactive Cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant known as CBG (Cannabigerol) shows evidence that it can reduce inflammation, help treat anxiety & depression, ease nausea, and even act as an effective antibacterial agent.

With these additional benefits on top of the stress-relieving effects, more and more smokers are converting to CBD & CBG pre-rolls, flower, or even hemp cigars. Metolius Hemp Company has created several one-of-a-kind products, ideal for those that are looking to take the leap from tobacco to healthier hemp. Of these, the most appealing to tobacco users may be the Metolius River Rolls & River Logs. River Rolls are a complete line of CBD & CBG Pre-rolls, in half and full gram sizes, all enhanced with Metolius Magic: a blend of CBD Isolate, Distillate & CBG Kief.

River Logs are the world’s first Enhanced Cannagar - a hemp cigar coated with distillate, isolate & kief - available in 3 and 5-gram formats. For those that are looking for an alternative to chewing tobacco, keep an eye out for the next Metolius Hemp product dropping soon- River Dips...a fully organic Hemp Lip Pouch made with CBD Isolate & Magnesium, containing 100mg CBD in every pouch! Roll with us, and we’ll make the switch from tobacco to hemp happen for you faster than you can spell METOLIUS.

Research Source: Nielsen ©2020 Hemp Industry Daily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. FACTS: New research shows that tobacco users are more likely to try smokable hemp products than ever before. Nearly 30% of smokers say they are willing to try hemp products. 1 in 4 cigar & cigarette users has already tried smokable or vaporable CBD hemp products just this year alone. Tobacco users are 195% more likely than non-smokers to smoke CBD pre-rolls & cigars in the next year.

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