The World's First Is The Origin Story - The OG Smokables With Reduced Pricing

It all started with the Metolius River Rolls, the world’s first CBD + CBG premium and enhanced pre-roll line of six different pre-rolls. River Rolls were, and are, handcrafted with five elements of the plant (including CBD + CBG flower, CBD distillate, CBD isolate and CBG Kief), leading to a product with up to 7 times the cannabinoids of other CBD pre-rolls on the market.  

Within just a matter of months we launched the Metolius River Logs, our insanely popular 3 gram and 5 gram cannagars. The River Logs were another world’s first and incorporated the exact same five elements of the plant. Quickly the River Logs were being utilized by customers around the country as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigars.

Then we launched our Metolius River Rocks, the world’s first CBG moon rocks with CBG flower, CBD distillate and CBG kief. They immediately provided our customers a way to have an alternative to pipe tobacco and to experience the unique healing properties of the CBG (mother cannabinoid) flower and its kief.

Finally, after market demand for an alternative to ‘roll your own’ cigarettes we launched the first to market River Roll Rollies. Providing our customers with the ability to utilize our proprietary CBD + CBG flower blend to roll their
own cannarettes. With an ability to roll up to 50 pre-rolls wherever they are.

The Metolius Hemp Company smokables lines started it all and now you can get them all at new reduced pricing as we work to fulfill the vision of providing ‘Healthy Vices’ to each and every one of you. Let us help you and yours
with our premium and enhanced smokables. All are non-psychoactive and federallycompliant and handcrafted for you.

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