What Earth Day Means to Us - There's Only One Earth

We’re a Hemp company, so naturally, we grow hemp. But we don’t just grow Hemp for the plant. We grow Hemp as we are stewards of the land. 

At Metolius, we farm all of our CBD & CBG Hemp organically and regeneratively. As part of our mission in bringing the medicinal compounds and applications of hemp to the general public, we also have the vision to heal our planet. That means that we focus our energy on caring for the soil, environment, and local ecosystems as much as we do on the products we create. The genuine love we show the land propels our plants to thrive & produce medicinally rich hemp flower. Not only do we intentionally plant cover crops, never spray chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and practice crop rotation, but we make a sincere effort to feed & restore our soil, year after year.

Healthy topsoil is
packed full of nutrients and life. In fact, there are more living microorganisms in just one teaspoon of soil than there are people on this planet. Literally, billions! However, these organisms need to be fed, cared for, and provided the proper environment to thrive, much like our beloved plants. As we speak, our entire planet is actually losing topsoil at an alarming rate. Scientists currently estimate that we have about 60 harvests left if we continue at this rate.  

Therefore, it is our duty as Regenerative Hemp Farmers to restore the land and protect our soil. This means implementing all the right practices on our farm while first and foremost, caring for the soil. We grow hemp as a multi-purpose & restorative crop, as we feel it can truly better our world in more ways than one. Not only does CBD & CBG hemp offer natural wellness solutions, but each hemp plant we grow helps pull carbon out of the atmosphere and restore balance to the earth. Hemp has the ability to sequester 10x the amount of carbon than that of an average tree, storing it in its roots and pulling it back into the ground.

To us, this is what Earth Day is all about, as well as how we run our company. We must protect our planet in order to provide healthy & organic food, plant medicine & natural solutions, as it’s the only one we’ve got. At Metolius Hemp, we strive to be educators of the industry and want to share our knowledge of healing our planet, and ourselves, with all of you. 

The Bottom Line: If we want to heal ourselves using plants, then first we must heal the fertility of the land that provides us with these beautiful plants. Organically, Regeneratively, Responsibly... From Seed to Satisfaction. Happy Earth Day from the hemp company changing the way we look at Cannabis. 

Team Metolius. Roll with Us.

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